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International Steering Committee, GRC

Seoul, 22 - 23 January 2018


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Science for Society Lecture - The Parental Brain: New Insights from Brain Imaging

We take pleasure in inviting you to an NRF Science for Society lecture:

The Parental Brain: New Insights from Brain Imaging

by Professor Morten Kringelbach


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NRF Awards 2017

Sustainable Development Through Knowledge Creation
The quest for knowledge, to understand and to solve problems is what propels the expansion of humanity’s horizons, leading to improvements in our quality of life and fulfilment of our curiosity.
Making these advances possible are individuals who, through their quest to know and the diligent application of their knowledge and creativity, are helping to shape a future for South Africa that is marked by sustainable development through knowledge creation.
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Norway-South Africa Science Week 2017

Pretoria & Cape Town, South Africa, 04 - 08 December 2017


Following the successful 2016 Science Week on Value Creation in Ocean Space –  New Opportunities in the Blue Economy, the 2017 theme will be Green Maritime – Sustainable use of the Ocean with the objective to explore opportunities for further cooperation between South Africa and Norway related to higher education, research, innovation and new business development. 

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