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In the NRF Strategy 2020, the organisation places renewed emphasis on its agency function and its role in influencing and implementing policy within the National System of Innovation (NSI).

The NRF plays an integration role across the science and technology system and has the ability to catalyse focused societally beneficial research and development in support of knowledge generation, human capacity development and innovation.

In order to realise our vison of catalysing knowledge production for societal benefit, we have identified five strategic outcomes that will lead to the attainment of our vision.

These outcomes are:

  1. Creating an internationally competitive, transformed and representative research system
  2. Establishing and maintaining leading-edge research and infrastructure platforms
  3. Growing the NRF into a reputable agency that will shape the science and technology system
  4. Pushing for science literacy and actively engaging with society 
  5. Managing and improving on a committed and representative NRF research and technical workforce