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Energy Human Capacity Development and Knowledge Generation (EHCD&KG)

The broad objective of EHCD&KG is to nurture investment in research and development, human capital and infrastructure within the energy sector. The overall programme aim is to develop the required capacity to meet the human capital, knowledge and innovation requirements of the energy sector of South Africa.
EHCD&KG sub-instruments:
• South African Nuclear Human Asset and Research Programme (SANHARP)
• Masters in Accelerator and Nuclear Science (MANUS) and the Masters in Material Science (MatSci)
• Renewable and Sustainable Energy Scholarships (RSES)

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (BFG)

The BFG is a DST contract-funded programme whose aim is to support bioinformatics applications in biotechnology projects in line with national priorities. The strategic aim of this programme is to support the development of human capacity and to create bioinformatics and functional genomics skills which would be applicable to biosciences initiatives and projects in alignment with national priorities as set out in the South African Biotechnology Strategy and the Ten Year Innovation Plan.


The 2ENRICH initiative is a cooperative programme developed between the NRF and its counterpart in the Netherlands - the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The 2ENRICH initiative is focussed on the “bottom of the pyramid” population (+/- 4 billion globally) and specifically in sub-Saharan Africa which holds the majority of this group. It intends to create products that are critical to the improvement of the quality of life of the people from these regions.

Applied Research, Innovation & Collaboration Documents

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Applied Research, Innovation & Collaboration

About Us

The Applied Research, Innovation and Collaboration (ARIC) directorate of the NRF promotes and develops applied research within the National System of Innovation (NSI).  Applied research in this context is seen as research that moves outcomes through the innovation value chain towards commercialisation, and informs policy, legislation and implementation that underpins societal well-being.