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Opening Date: 
Friday, 6 April, 2018
Closing Date: 
Thursday, 10 May, 2018

The Thuthuka Funding Instrument is a key intervention of the National Research Foundation (NRF) aimed at supporting emerging researchers. Thuthuka research grants are awarded to academics and researchers that hold academic and/or joint academic and administrative professional appointments, at NRF recognised public universities, science councils and other public research institutions.  Applicants must be employed at these institutions on a full-time permanent or full-time contractual basis that extends for the full period of the Thuthuka grant. Female applicants that are appointed on a fixed-term half-day appointment in order to accommodate family responsibilities, raising children of four (4) years of age and below, are also eligible to apply. For detailed information on eligibility and other criteria and on the application requirements and process, refer to the Thuthuka 2019 Application and Funding Guide. Applicants are invited to apply for funding in one of the following three tracks:

  • PhD Track: for applicants wanting to obtain a Doctoral degree within the funding period;
  • Post-PhD Track: for applicants wanting to become established researchers, by strengthening their research capabilities; and
  • NRF Rating Track: for applicants wanting to apply for a NRF rating within the six-year funding period.

Application Details:

Applications from individuals must be submitted on the NRF Online Application system at https://nrfsubmission.nrf.ac.za no later than Friday, 10 May 2018, for validation by the employing institution’s Designated Authority (DA).  The closing date for DA approval cannot be extended therefore, applicants’ are advised to establish his/her institution’s internal closing date, which may be two (2) or more weeks prior to the NRF closing date.

For more information please view the attached Thuthuka Call documents or visit the NRF website at www.nrf.ac.za.

NRF Contacts for Enquiries

For queries relating to the Thuthuka Funding instrument please contact:
Ms Maphuti Madiga
Professional Officer: Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development (HICD)
Telephone: 012 481 4150
E-mail: maphuti.madiga@nrf.ac.za.

For queries relating to the NRF Online Submission process and Thuthuka Grants Management please contact any of the persons listed below.
Ms Thashni Pillay
Director: GMSA
Telephone: (012) 481 4241
Fax: 012 481 4241
E-mail: thashni.maistry@nrf.ac.za

Ms Sushie Pillay
Professional Officer: GMSA
Telephone: (012) 481 4178
Fax: 086 697 2792
E-mail: ppillay@nrf.ac.za

Ms Malebo Mohlala
Liaison Officer: GMSA
Telephone: (012) 481 4121
Fax: 086 697 2792
E-mail: malebo.mohlala@nrf.ac.za