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  • Competitive Support for Unrated Researchers- Funding provided on a competitive basis for unrated researchers.
  • NRF Freestanding, DST Innovation, Scarce Skills Postdoctoral Fellowships- Fellowships for post-doctoral research within South African for both foreign and South African fellows and support for South Africans citizens that want to pursue post-doctoral studies abroad.
  • Professional Development Programme ( Post- doctoral Support)- Development programme to build capacity within Science Councils, National Facilities and other recognized research associated institutions in South Africa (excluding universities).
  • Thuthuka: Post-PhD Track- Institutional support for staff members to be supported towards post-doctoral studies and improve educational capacities within institutions.
  • Thuthuka: NRF Rating Track- Support for NRF Rated Researchers.
  • Research Career Awards- A five year post-doctoral research grant at an institution for career and research development and support. It is the intention of the programme to prepare the candidate for NRF rating through career development.