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  • Centres of Excellence (CoEs) are physical or virtual entities of research which concentrate existing capacity and resources to enable researchers to collaborate across disciplines and institutions on long-term projects that are locally relevant and internationally competitive in order to enhance the pursuit of research excellence and capacity development. 
  • Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration- Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration offers researchers an opportunity to apply for funding for local or international travel; support grants to host events such as conferences and symposia; and mobility grants which support local or international travel for research or training on specific equipment not available in the applicant’s institution or in South Africa respectively and not supported by the NRF’s Equipment-related Travel and Training
  • South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) is a strategic intervention of the South African government designed to attract and retain excellence in research and innovation at South African universities. In particular, the programme is aimed at increasing national scientific research capability through the development of human capacity and stimulating the generation of new knowledge. It is also intended to support the realisation of South Africa’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy in which the generation of knowledge translates into socio-economic benefits.  SARChI is thus designed to significantly expand the scientific research and innovation base of South Africa in a way that supports implementation of the national Research and Development policie


  • Equipment Related Travel and Training Grants-- The NRF, through mobility grants, makes available funds for both national and international travel costs in order to support researchers who require access to equipment that is not available either regionally or nationally. The mobility grants are divided into two portfolios of opportunities, namely Equipment-related Travel Grants; and Equipment- related Training Grants
  • Research Infrastructure Support Programmes-The purpose of the Research Infrastructure Support Programme is to support the acquisition, maintenance and development of the state-of-the-art research equipment. Support through NEP and NNEP is intended for researchers from South African higher education institutions, national research institutions such as museums, Science Councils, National Research Facilities and other government-funded laboratories, including research hospitals