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Nanotechnology Flagship Projects (NFP) Grants

NFP grants promote research projects demonstrating the benefits of nanoscience and nanotechnology and their impact on some of the challenges facing South Africa. Human capacity development and collaboration are key drivers of the NFP initiative.

Collaborative Research with National Facilities

This grant provides funding to researchers at South African universities to conduct research projects at National Research Facilities and incentivises quality research outputs from researchers at the facilities.

Infrastructure Funding Programmes

National Equipment Programme (NEP)

The NEP provides funding and support for research and training within the NSI with the aim of improving the competitiveness of South African research and training by contributing to the:

Human Capacity Development Programmes


Thuthuka aims to develop human capital and to improve the research capacities of designated researchers including Black, Indian, Coloured, female and disabled researchers, in partnership with public HEIs, Science Councils and other research institutions.

Thuthuka grants are limited to academics and researchers, with academic and/or joint academic and administrative professional appointments, at public HEIs, Science Councils and other research institutions.

Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development (HICD)

The aim of the Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development (HICD) Directorate is to develop institutional research capabilities and infrastructure in parallel with the appropriate human capital to drive the research and development strategies within the National System of Innovation (NSI). The HICD directorate manages a number of student and graduate support programmes. Efforts are made to ensure that Honours, Master’s and Doctoral students and Postdoctoral research fellows extend their learning and research training.