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Leveraging research outputs to enable productive partnerships

Key strategies

  1. Link capabilities to similar activities at research intensive institutions for less research intensive universities
  2. Encourage universities to develop high level plans with external research organisations and industry

Focusing research on regionally relevant and strategic areas

Key strategies

  1. Consolidate research agendas through building on current areas of research strength and identifying emerging niche areas
  2. Maintain linkages and engage closely with regional organisations to deliver applied research opportunities and benefits
  3. Direct research funds and make strategic appointments to enhance research productivity and outputs in areas of institutional focus

Developing research groups in disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas

Key strategies

  1. Formulate institutional policies to support existing collaborative research groups and to identify emerging disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas of research concentration
  2. Implement a strategic research funding model to enable concentrations of high performing researchers to collaborate productively
  3. Support identified research groups through strategic, seed funding, mentoring, scholarships, etc.
  4. Collaborate with other universities to strengthen research connections, joint ventures and resource sharing where appropriate

Strengthening research capability

Key Strategies 

  1. Develop institutional infrastructure, systems and services to strengthen research capability
  2. Develop and provide research infrastructure including equipment and facilities
  3. Develop research leadership and the research workforce through targeted recruitment, creation of research career pathways and retention with a focus on early and mid-career researchers

Institutional Engagement and Partnership Development Instruments

The IEPD Directorate aims to build partnerships with institutions in an effort to strengthen existing areas of research concentration through collaboration. At the NRF, strategic partnerships will be expanded with related government agencies, industry and business.

The ultimate goal is to significantly contribute to the growth of the country’s research productivity and output. Institutions are therefore encouraged to focus their efforts towards supporting the following goals: