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Actively supported by a broad range of stakeholders, including the Government of South Africa through DST and the German Government, SASSCAL is the regional driver for innovation and knowledge exchange to enhance adaptive land use, learning and sustainable economic development in Southern Africa within the context of global change. It offers knowledge-intensive services and training products with emphasis placed on the enhancement of the research capacities in the SADC region. These services and products are based on on-going demand articulation from users and practitioners, centred on core areas, viz. Information Support, Advisory Services, Networking, and Innovation Management.

Research partners are focused on identifying appropriate interventions, opportunities for integration and collaboration within the following themes:

  • Climate - to understand and project climate well enough to promote sustainable and adaptive management of water, forestry, agriculture and biodiversity in the region.
  • Water - to develop a common water resources information base and analytical methods to further strengthen capacity to implement integrated water resources management strategies for improved trans-boundary river management and resource use.
  • Forestry - to conserve enough forest in southern Africa to ensure continued delivery of vital ecosystem services to the region.
  • Agriculture - to understand resources, drivers and changes of land use well enough to promote sustainable food production and food security in the region.
  • Biodiversity - to understand patterns, processes and driving forces of biodiversity loss well enough to ensure delivery of vital ecosystem services to sustain agriculture, forestry and ecotourism services and products in the region..

Contact Person: Jonathan Diedericks