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Opening Date: 
Monday, 24 July, 2017
Closing Date: 
Friday, 4 August, 2017



In 2005, the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the Russian Federation (RF) signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that led to South Africa becoming an associate member of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). The agreement enabled the establishment of research collaboration between South African and JINR researchers, as well as research opportunities and training of South African postgraduate students in the research areas of JINR.
As part of the SA-JINR agreement, the NRF facilitates an annual student practice, which is held during June and September months at the JINR laboratories in Dubna, Russia. The goal of the practice is to build a critical mass of students that can later advance in the various nuclear research activities offered by JINR to the benefit of South Africa. Postgraduate students enrolled in any of the following disciplines: maths, physics, chemistry, engineering and computer sciences or conducting research in related areas are encouraged to apply.
The student practice is a three-week training and research programme aimed at exposing South African postgraduate students to world class scientific equipment, scientific research and expert supervision of internationally rated scientists at JINR. For the 2017 2nd SA-JINR intake, approximately 10 students will be selected, based on the criteria outlined below. The student practice will take place in Dubna, Russia from the 10 – 30 September, 2017. For more information on the JINR student practice, visit the following link: http://ucnew.jinr.ru/en/3-stage-2017
Successful students will be expected to participate in an extensive two-day inception and training workshop to be held at iThemba LABS (http://tlabs.ac.za/) in Cape Town, prior to travelling to Dubna. The inception workshop is meant to:
  • Prepare students on research themes offered by JINR;
  • Expose students to national research and facilities aligned to JINR;
  • Establish a relationship with South African experts on nuclear research;
  • Meet with other student practice participants and coordinators;
  • Discuss preparation for the visit to JINR;
  • Present an initial outline and framework for your research interest.
The two-day workshop will consist of the following components: a presentation on research themes aligned to JINR, a site visit to the iThemba facilities, a session where short presentations of your proposed projects will be made, and a networking opportunity where participants can get to know each other.

Target Group

The student practice is intended for students registered for Honours, Masters or early PhD degrees at any South African university and/or conducting research at a recognised national research institution. Priority will be given to students at historically disadvantaged institutions (HDIs) and female students. Students from local universities and institutions which have joint research projects in the framework of the SA-JINR scientific cooperation will be prioritised. Furthermore, students from institutions which have sufficient education and scientific capability to participate or start participation in such projects are encouraged and will be supported. Eligibility criteria for the student practice.
To qualify for the grant, applicants must comply with the following eligibility criteria:
  • The applicant must currently be enrolled for Honours, Masters or PhD degrees; at any South African university and or conducting research at a recognised national research institution;
  • The applicant must clearly indicate their preferred theme of research interest aligned with the JINR themes.
  • A motivation letter from the supervisor (on a letterhead) should be submitted with clear indication of how the student will benefit from the student practice.
  • A proof of registration must be submitted with the application.
  • Full CV with a Copy of passport
Applications that do not have all the required supporting documents by the time of submission will be disqualified and will not be considered for evaluation by the NRF reviewers.

Processing and Decisions

For a fair and objective selective process, all applications are subjected to the following:
  • Applicants for the SA-JINR student practice will not be supported for two consecutive calls, unless under exceptional conditions;
  • Applications need to be endorsed by the applicant’s supervisor;
  • A panel consisting of external and internal reviewers will assess and select applications;
  • Approximately 10 applicants will be selected for the 2017 2nd SA-JINR student practice.

Application procedure

  • Complete application form must be submitted to the email addresses provided below.
  • Please attach the required documents in PDF format.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered;
  • Applications for the JINR student practice should be submitted by 04 August 2017.
  • No application will be accepted beyond this dates.

Contact Details

Dr Zina Ndlovu
SA-JINR student practice coordinator
Tel: +27 21 843 1025/1000
Email: nbndlovu@tlabs.ac.za
Ms Motsakwe Rakgoale
Professional Officer: International Relations and Cooperation
Tel: +27 12 481 4297
Email: motsakwe@nrf.ac.za