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The CoE-HUMAN is the only DST-NRF Centre of Excellence established in human and social studies. It takes human development to be the processes, on an individual and social level, towards fulfilment, not only of basic needs but of values including freedom, security, achievement and belonging. From this point of view, human development refers simultaneously to the development of individuals across their lifespan from conception to death; inter-generational development through families, and socioeconomic development of individuals and groups through interactions with, among others, state provisions and supports.

The study of human development puts people at the centre stage of our national concerns, and emphasises the importance of opportunities to lead full lives of their choosing. Child and family wellbeing, across time, is at the heart of human development, enabled by economic and social security.

The CoE-HUMAN studies child and family wellbeing, including how the disruptive effects of poverty and lack of protection can be overcome. This requires a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach, across social, psychological, biological and public health disciplines.

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