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3rd International Conference on Global Food Security

Cape Town - 03 to 06 December 2017

Elsevier's 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security will take place during 03 - 06 December 2017 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This conference is hosted in association with the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security and the Universities of the Western Cape and Pretoria. 

Global food security will require a holistic approach to address socio-political, natural, health, agricultural and food sciences to feed the 9 billion people. The food security challenge will must address the triple burden of malnutrition – undernutrition, obesity and micronutrient deficiencies. The Third International Conference on Global Food Security therefore aims to deliver critical analysis and innovative science that address the biggest threat ever faced by mankind.

Discussion sessions will contribute to a better understanding of behavioural, biophysical, economic, institutional, political, social and technological drivers and supply chain systems to contribute to global food security. The conference will address the food system activities of production (crops, livestock) or harvesting (freshwater and marine sources), processing, distribution systems and consumption behaviour and the synergies and trade-offs between economic, environmental, health and social objectives and outcomes. The conference will provide a cross cutting view of multiple disciplines and spatiotemporal scales of analysis to span the drivers, activities and outcomes of food systems to reflect on the broad challenge of food security


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