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KAS Hosts Nursing Intervention Workshop

On Wednesday, 01 August 2018, the National Research Foundation’s Knowledge Advancement and Support (KAS) directorate hosted the Nursing Intervention Workshop for the candidates involved in the NRF/SANTRUST Doctoral Programme. The aim of the workshop was to afford the Doctoral candidates an opportunity to showcase their studies and the support they received from the programme. This workshop was also a celebration of the success of the Programme given that 60% of the Doctoral nursing candidates completed their study programmes in record time despite having other clinical and/or work commitments.

This Programme was the monitoring and encouraging intervention programme of the nursing PhD students who attended the SANTRUST PhD Training Programme and included 55 Doctoral Nursing students of which 33 of them graduated in 2017/18. The Forum of University Nursing Deans of South Africa (FUNDISA) and researchers who were part of the PLUME project for the NRF/FUNDISA project also presented their experiences with the Programme during this workshop. The PLUME project is a structured support programme designed to support nursing schools to develop research programmes and produce lead researchers who will not only create research intensive programmes in their nursing schools, but also enhance their own skills, working towards the NRF scientific rating.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr Gansen Pillay, Deputy CEO, Research and Innovation Support and Advancement (RISA). Leaders of the workshop were Dr Andrew Kaniki, Executive Director, Knowledge Advancement and Support (KAS) andrew@nrf.ac.za +27(0)12 481 4260 and Dr Elizabeth Mokoka, Chief Executive Officer, University Nursing Deans of South Africa (FUNDISA) ke.mokoka@fundisa.ac.za +27(0) 12 333 1415/8912/6426. Workshop coordinator was Teuns Phahlamohlaka teuns.phahlam@nrf.ac.za +27(0)12 481 4385.


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