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New book on systems analysis methodology in addressing complex global challenges

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is pleased to announce the publication of a seminal work aligned with its multi-year investment in research and capacity development for systems analysis.

The Springer published Systems Analysis Approach for Complex Global Challenges, edited by Priscilla Mensah (NRF), David Katerere, Sepo Hachigonta (NRF) and Andreas Roodt, contains a collection of review articles with a focus on evidence-based policy making. It will serve as a valuable resource for policy makers, researchers and postgraduate students; providing an analytical foundation for the management and governance of natural resources, disasters, and climate change for the technological and ecological transitions to sustainability.

This book is a result of South Africa’s investment in systems analysis through initiatives such as the Southern African Systems Analysis Centre (SASAC) and its predecessor, the Southern African Young Scientists Summer Programme (SA-YSSP), established by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in collaboration with South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

Since South Africa’s membership to IIASA during 2007, a range of research collaboration and capacity building activities have been developed by IIASA and more than twenty South African research partners. The SA-YSSP has developed system analytical research skills of more than 80 doctoral students from 30 countries (with 40 IIASA and South African supervisors). The first graduations of the current cohort of 60 PhD students in the SASAC programme will commence in 2019.

South Africa’s coordination with IIASA is led by a National Member Organisation (NMO), comprised of representatives of the NRF and DST, senior academics, and other stakeholders. The NMO Committee also contributes to the national strategy for developing systems analysis capacity and establishing systems analysis as a research approach in the country.

Dr Priscilla Mensah is Director in the Human and Infrastructure Capacity Development Directorate, and Dr Sepo Hachigonta is Director in the Strategic Partnerships Directorate at the NRF of South Africa. The introduction to the book was jointly written by Dr Gansen Pillay, the Deputy CEO of the NRF and Deputy Chairperson of the IIASA Council, and Prof Pavel Kabat, Director-General and Chief Executive Officer of IIASA.


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