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SURVEY: NRF Changes to Review & Evaluation Business Processes

The NRF is considering some operational changes to its Reviews and Evaluations (RE) Business Processes and Stakeholder Management, as part of an ongoing process of continuous improvements. These enhancements are being considered in the interests of:

  1. Advancing standardisation, simplification, efficiency and equity;
  2. Safeguarding quality and integrity and
  3. Responding to recommendations from the 2015 NRF Review.

Areas to be covered include panel processes; role-players; and honoraria. A consultation workshop held on the 18th May 2018, at the NRF, was intended to engage and solicit the stakeholders' views on the proposed improvements.

As a participant in the stakeholder consultation workshop or an interested party that can potentially be affected by the planned enhancements, you are herewith invited to participate in a survey aimed at soliciting your views on the above mentioned elements of CHANGE. Your participation in the survey will be automatically considered as consent. As you respond, all your answers to the six sections (1 = Informed Consent; 2 = Demographic Information; 3 = Reviewer Experience and Nature of Involvement; 4 = Panel Processes; 5 = Role Players; 6 = Honoraria and 7 = Other Relevant matters), will be treated as confidential. Please note that during the survey period (18 - 28 May 2018) reminders will be sent to invitees who have not responded. You may however choose not to participate completely or you may also withdraw from the survey at any time without any negative consequences.

Your role as a participant

Please respond to the questions in the different sections of the survey as completely and as honestly as possible. The survey should not take more than 30 minutes of your time. The results of the survey will/may be used to consolidate the debates around the planned change, strengthen the workshop outcomes, inform how the review processes are improved in the near future and influence the decisions that will be taken to effect the CHANGE. A report on the workshop outcomes and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and quality of the NRF peer review, will be made available to participants in the workshop. 

The link to the survey is inserted below. You may simply double click on the link OR right click and “open the hyperlink”. To those who happened to read this message before they come to the meeting, Please bring your laptop if you can.


Survey Link

Deadline to submit a completed survey is Monday 04 June 2018.

For any queries regarding the survey may be directed to Nosisa Dube on nosisa.dube@nrf.ac.za.


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