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This award acknowledges an individual for their contributions to the transformation of South Africa’s science community and landscape. The aim of this award is to encourage and promote this activity across the South African research community.

  • Material and Process Synthesis Research Unit
    University of South Africa

  • Professor Frantz’s primary research focus is in the area of health professions education and faculty development and her secondary focus is prevention of chronic diseases of lifestyle in young people through appropriate health education. Her commitment to human capacity development is reflected in the numbers of Master’s (37) and PhD students (7) that she has supervised and her academic activities in terms of teaching, learning and research. Of the students graduated she has assisted 33 of them to convert their work to publications. Not only does she ensure that teaching and practice remain current and evidence-based, but she also facilitates the mentoring by educators of the students they train. The publication outputs of the staff trained under her guidance have increased considerably, and she has published 89 articles from 2005 to 2015.

  • With an extensive track record in human capacity development in the field of engineering, Professor Marwala’s research interests are multi-disciplinary and include the applications of computational intelligence to engineering, computer science, finance, social science and medicine.