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The Research Information Management System (RIMS) project is an initiative funded by the DST. RIMS provides the nine science councils and 23 HEIs with two key components of a Research Information Management System namely:

  • The Research Administration System, which imparts administrative best practice to the administration of research through a modularised ICT based system.  provides:
    • Expertise management through the CV data module and the grant database that contains internal and NRF funding opportunities.
    • Grant and contracts management that allows grant applications to be prepared and tracked through the process of submission, award, post-award tracking and post-award reporting.
    • Compliance management through specific modules that satisfy the compliance requirements in specific environments.
    • Administrative process modules that manage the process of technology transfer and the reporting of research outputs.
  • The RIMS business intelligence warehouse allows institutions to store information pertaining to publicly funded research in a segregated and confidential environment. Once the warehouse is populated it will:
    • Allow HEIs to benchmark against other institutions at an aggregated level
    • Provide the DST and its counterparts with a view of the impact of publicly funded research and the return on investment.