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Professor Patricia Whitelock, winner of the SAIP De Beers Gold Medal 2018 for her outstanding research career in astronomy and astrophysics, and for her distinguished and extensive contributions to leadership, education and human capacity development of the Physics and Astronomy community.

Prof Patricia Whitelock Awarded SAIP De Beers Gold Medal 2018

The SAIP Gold award is made for outstanding achievements in any of the following facets of any branch of Physics: research, education, technology and industrial development. As the highest standards are applied, the award is intended to be the greatest distinction that is conferred in South Africa for achievements in Physics.

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SALT helps study new nova 200 000 light years from Earth

A multinational group of astronomers has discovered what might be the brightest nova (a luminous stellar eruption) ever observed. This mighty eruption was first detected on 14 October 2016 by the MASTER-instrument in Argentina. Since then it has attracted the interests of astronomers around the world, who have pointed their ground-based and space telescopes in an attempt to understand the different aspects of the eruption.

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