Grants Management & Systems Administration (GMSA)

RISA Directorate

GMSA implements management of grants on behalf of the funding directorates

The purpose of the Grants Management & Systems Administration (GMSA) directorate is to implement management of grants on behalf of the funding directorates of the Research, Innovation, Impact Support and Advancement (RIISA) business unit of the NRF. The grant management process can be broadly divided into two parts, viz., pre- and post-award activities.

Pre-award activities include placing calls for proposals; screening and verification of applications; arranging assessment of the proposals; and communication of funding decisions.

Post-award activities include the acceptance of conditions of award; student nominations; payment of grant funds (this includes the award, release and payment of funds against the agreed budget); monitoring of expenditure and adjustments of the awarded grants (e.g., changes to the budget, research plans, research outcomes, team members and students); receipt of annual progress reports; and carry-forward of multiyear grants.

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