Mr Kabelo Mokgalaboni

Department of Life and Consumer Sciences University of South Africa, Life Sciences

Mr Kabelo Mokgalaboni obtained his Honours in Medical Science, with distinction in Hematology, and Master’s in Physiology from the University of Limpopo and University of KwaZulu-Natal respectively. He is a PhD candidate in Life Sciences and holds the position of nGAP Lecturer at the University of South Africa. One of Mr Mokgalaboni’s notable achievements is the development of a mouse model of diabetes through a high-fat diet. He conducted experimental studies using three-drug regimens to investigate their effectiveness in reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes. Additionally, he has explored the potential benefits of vitamins, natural plants, fruits, and their extracts in addressing obesity, prediabetes, and diabetes mellitus. Mr Mokgalaboni serves as a Topic Editor for Frontiers in Clinical Diabetes and Healthcare, specifically for the Methods in Diabetes Cardiovascular Complications section. He has an impressive publication record, with 30 peer-reviewed articles in reputable journals. He has successfully supervised two Honours students to completion and is currently supervising two Master’s and three Honours students.