Ms Carla Dodd

Department of Zoology Nelson Mandela University, Life Sciences

Ms Carla Dodd’s interest is in the field of groundwater and hydrological cycle research with the aim of remediating drought conditions that severely impact the local socio-economic climate. Groundwater has been touted as a mitigation tool to alleviate society’s reliance on surface water. However, the groundwater cycle is poorly understood in terms of connectivity and replenishment. Her research uncovers these dynamics by using cutting-edge methodology in collaboration with international scientists. Ms Dodd’s research is also the first to map and model the hydrological flowpaths linked to coastal microbialites, thereby providing a unique evolutionary window into the past. Ms Dodd completed both her Honours and MSc in Geology cum laude at Nelson Mandela University. She is currently a final-year PhD student, focussing on the drought crisis in the Nelson Mandela Bay region. Hers is the first multi-tracer study of its kind in the area. She is the first author of three publications in international scientific journals and a co-author of four additional articles. In 2023, she was awarded a three-month exchange Fellowship at Oldenburg University, Germany.