Ms Taryn Golding

Department of Chemistry University of Cape Town, Chemistry

Ms Taryn Golding’s research focus is on novel hybrid quinolinebenzimidazole metallodrugs as antimalarial chemotherapeutics, with an interest in elucidating novel mechanisms of action using lightbased therapies which provides a novel route to eradicating malaria. It is anticipated that her work will yield novel metallodrugs with enhanced activity in antimalarial chemotherapy and potentially provide insight into new mode(s) of action to target this disease, endemic to sub Saharan Africa. She completed her BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, a BSc Honours and an MSc in Chemistry at the University of Cape Town and is currently enrolled there for her PhD in Bioorganometallic Chemistry. She is also a part-time tutor, laboratory demonstrator, and lecturer at UCT. She received the Best Poster Award at the 44th National Convention of the South African Chemical Institute held at Stellenbosch University; the Science Faculty PhD Fellowship and the UCT ATAP (Accelerated Transformation of the Academic Program) Fellowship. This prestigious award earmarks exceptionally talented early career scientists, with a distinct aptitude for an academic career. She has published five articles in peer-reviewed journals.