Business Advancement

Business Advancement

The Business Advancement division provides an overarching custodianship role for national, regional and global collaborations and partnerships that cut across the NRF and the NSI; conceptualises new partnerships and programmes with nontraditional partners of the NRF; provides an overarching leadership and support mechanism for commercialisation and new business development that emanates from research conducted within the NRF; and advances those partnerships that seek to profile, enhance the visibility and position the NRF as an intellectual organisation and partner of choice. The division builds on the NRF’s strong regional and global influence and position to mutually leverage additional resources for collaborative largescale, multidisciplinary, impact-focused research of national, regional, and global relevance.

Key Activities

Strategically position the NRF and the NSI on global science platforms such as the Global Research Council (GRC), the International Science Council (ISC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and others.

Facilitate increased science and technology collaboration within the region and with emerging economies.

Increase and diversify the NRF’s income streams by working with local, regional and international partners and stakeholders.

Facilitate national, regional and global partnerships that support scientific exchange and collaboration between and among students, researchers and research institutions

Build, profile, market and enhance the visibility and impact of the NRF as a brand and learning organisation nationally, regionally and globally.