Corporate Services

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services division constitutes the People and Culture (Human Capital), Corporate Communications and Facilities Management units. The division provides critical business enablement services of people management; a supportive, conducive and transforming organisational culture and people relations; internal and external communication; branding; media; stakeholder and public relations; NRF estate management and maintenance; and occupational health, safety and environment.

Key Activities

Facilitate the NRF’s progression towards a transformed, coherent organisation that strives for excellence through its lived organisational culture to be a high performance, supportive and inclusive learning organisation through best practice people management service.

Assurance of high-level compliance and adherence to relevant legislation, regulation, and codes of best practice relating to Environment, Health, and Safety.

Implement an integrated approach to managing space, energy, water and environmental resources. The Facilities Management function ensures sustainability and cost efficiency in the organisation’s facilities. The function also ensures that the NRF workspaces are liveable and provide appropriate ergonomic utility for the safety and health of NRF employees and visitors.

Develop and execute stakeholder engagement, public relations and corporate communications policies, strategies and programmes to manage the organisation’s public image and retain public legitimacy as a reliable public entity that delivers.