Strategy, Planning and Partnerships (SPP)

Strategy, Planning and Partnerships

The Strategy, Planning and Partnerships (SPP) Business Unit provides evidence-informed strategic planning, policy experimentation and development, and strategic partnering services, as levers for advancing the mandate of the NRF.

Key areas of focus are:

Coordination and articulation of macro-organisational strategic direction, leading formulation of policy choices; and develop, implement and maintain systems and tools for long-term monitoring and evaluation of progress towards attainment of organisational outcomes and impact;
Integrated business intelligence channels and information management that enable delivery of NSI-level information and intelligence to support internal and external decision making; and
Leveraging of local and global relationships to secure additional resources for delivery of the NRF mandate and vision.

Planning & Development (PD)

PD provides macro-organisational system planning and foresight, including evaluating and reporting on the status and needs of national research as well as research trends and interests within and across disciplines and knowledge fields; and assesses the state and development needs of individual institutions and interventions in order to be responsive to the requirements of a differentiated Higher Education Sector.

Information & Analysis (IA)

IA supports the NRF with information and data analytics for operational, planning and strategic purposes through the creation and accessing of a data warehouse, including the management of organisational intelligence and analytical systems.

Strategic Partnerships (SP)

SP determines and provides guidance on the appropriate strategic partners to foster transformation and inclusive development. This is achieved with the intention of leveraging additionality, technical learning, making policy choices, providing resources for policy experimentation, and maximising impact of the NRF’s work.