NRF Governance

About Governance

Governance directorate supports the NRF in meeting the organisational objectives through the adoption of leading governance principles and practices. The directorate makes certain that the NRF complies with the various requirements as mandated by the Public Finance Management Act, 1999(Act No. 1 of 1999) and other government regulations. In addition, it also provides assurance services concerning legislation, regulation frameworks and best practice.

Alignment to Best Practices and Standards

The governance environment driven by a combination of applicable laws and non-binding rules, most substantial influence on the government environment derived from the King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, give emphasis to on ethical leadership, the organisation in society, corporate citizenship, sustainable development, stakeholder inclusivity, integrated thinking and integrated reporting.

Our aim is to support high standard of governance, which we continuously review and improve to ensure robust reporting of NRF value creation, by forgoing of strong relationships with colleagues across the organisation and the key external stakeholders of the NRF. This enables us deliver value added services to the organisation so that it can achieve its strategy through good governance practices.

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