SET Career Guide

SET Career Guide

Are you considering a degree in the fields of science, engineering and technology (SET)? Have you obtained your SET degree and are now wondering where to go from here? Look no further. This page provides comprehensive information on a broad range of careers in science, engineering and technology including space science, biotechnology, agriculture, energy and more.

Get Set Go! Worlds of Opportunity

This is a comprehensive guide that not only provides information on a broad range of fields but also helps you to plan your career; offers advice on financing your SET studies and lists important institutional contacts.

Careers in Biotechnology

One of the fastest growing sectors, biotechnology encompasses a variety of areas from pharmaceuticals, food and DNA mapping to conservation and environmental research. The possibilities are almost endless in a field committed to creating a better future for society.

Careers in Agricultural Research

There is more to agricultural science than planting seeds and tending livestock. It’s about finding new ways to create safe, affordable food, protecting the environment and continuously enhancing our knowledge of farming.

Careers in Space Science & Technology

Space is a big place and the opportunities for scientific research are boundless. Space science covers knowledge of everything from the Earth’s surface to the very edges of the Universe. Space technology looks at the advances in satellites, ground systems and the instruments we use to study the Universe. Space systems, including products such as cell phones, satellite television and communications is another area where research continuously builds the future.