Dr Omowunmi Isafiade

Department of Computer Science, University of the Western Cape, Physical Sciences

Dr Omowunmi Isafiade’s research into the field of computer science focuses on data-driven decision support, and the application of artificial intelligence and immersive technologies to public safety and other smart environments; key streams of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Her exploration of the application of such technologies to promote e-services, sustainability and efficiency has seen results such as a tractor application to assist in training and sustainability in the agricultural sector as well as a community policing application for improving public safety outcomes. Her work in establishing and leading a group for “Women in Computing” is commendable. She has published 38 peer-reviewed articles in credible journals and conference platforms such as Future Generation Computer Systems and supervised more than 30 students under the Computer Science MSc, Honours and PGD E-skills with Immersive Technologies (AR/VR) programme. Her excellent work has garnered her considerable local and international recognition, obtaining numerous scholarships and grants as well as winning the Paul G Allen Family Prize and L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Award.