Dr Velaphi Msomi

Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Engineering

There is a major drive to design and build transportation such as vehicles and ships from lighter materials in order to reduce fuel consumption as well as carbon emissions and other pollutants. However, this requires specialised welding techniques capable of joining these materials effectively. Doctor Velaphi Msomi’s research focuses on friction stir welding as an alternative conventional method due to its ability to enhance material properties and suitability for matrix composites and multifunctionally graded materials. Dr Msomi started CPUT’s Friction Stir Welding and Processing Research Group in 2017, publishing 74 articles, one book chapter, and a patent since its inception. He has also acted as a guest editor for such journals as the Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences among others. He has graduated 14 Master’s students and three Doctoral candidates. He maintains an NRF Y-rating and won the 2020 Gold Award from CPUT for research publication.