Submission of 2021 Progress Reports

The system has been opened for the submission of the 2021 Progress Reports (PRs).

Motivations for the Carry Forward of unspent funds should be submitted in the financials section of the Progress Report and must be in accordance with the guidelines in the Guide for Carry Forwards. The closing dates for submission of PRs are as follows:

Closing Date for Grantholders/Students/Fellows:

15 February 2021

Honours Scholarship-holders

Honours students must complete the manual report attached and send to the Designated Authority (DA) at the institutional research/postgraduate office. The DA must upload the completed form to the relevant grant on the NRF System.

Progress Reports for Grantholders/Freestanding Students/Postdoctoral Fellows:

In order to complete Progress Reports on the NRF Online Submission System, please follow the steps below:

Log on to the NRF Online Submission System at with your ID/Passport number and password, and complete or update your CV. This is very important as a PR without a complete CV will not be considered.

After logging in please follow the steps below to complete your CV:

  • Go to My Profile, then My CV and select the relevant CV section. If you don’t have any outputs, e.g. books or conference outputs, then simply ignore the section(s). Only complete the ones that apply to you.
  • Update your details under My Profile My Details – Registration Details and/or Contact Details, if necessary.
  • Go to - My Progress Reports 
  • Select - Create Progress Report 
  • Select the relevant grant(s) you need to report on
  • Click the Apply button 
  • Complete all the compulsory and non-compulsory (if applicable to you) sections of the PR form (Note: All compulsory fields (*) should be completed before the system will allow you to proceed)
  • Click on the Final Submit button (Note: Once the Report is submitted it cannot be edited)
Call for Nominations

SARChI 5-year Reviews

Grantholders who should submit their 5-year Review Reports should use Grantholder Tools on the NRF Online Submission System to complete the reports.

Progress Reports for Block grants and Grantholder-linked Grants (only for funding instruments listed below)

Please refer to the attached document for instructions on how to complete PRs for the following funding instruments:

  • Professional Development Programme (PDP)
  • Integrated Biodiversity Information Masters Scholarships (SANBI)
  • Collaborative Postgraduate Research Training Programme (nominated students only)
  • Block Grants: Masters and Doctoral
  • Manus and MatSci Grants
  • Southern African Systems Analysis Centre Doctoral Scholarships (only for those awarded before 2019)
  • Integrated Biodiversity Information Programme

  • Ethical Clearance

    Ethical Clearance not submitted with the Conditions of Grant has to be submitted in the attachment section of the Progress Report. Failing which release of future funds will be affected.

    International Conference Attendance/Travel

    International Conference Attendance/Travel not undertaken due to Covid-19 will not be carried forward into 2022 as other forms of Conference attendance were in place. This is specific to the Emerging Researcher Funding Opportunities e.g. Black Academics Advancement Programme (BAAP).

    Contact Details

    For queries please contact:

    Strategic Investments
    Mr Jan Phalane

    (For Asia, America and Africa Bi-laterals) Telephone: (012) 481 4157

    Strategic Investments
    Mr Stephen Dlamini

    (For European Bi-laterals and the Gulf)
    Telephone: (012) 481-4037

    Strategic Investments
    Ms Mpai Motsei

    (For equipment-related grants)
    Telephone: (012) 481-4078

    Established Researchers
    Ms Jane Mabena

    Telephone: (012) 481 4067

    Established Researchers
    Mrs Judith Mahlanya

    (For CoE and SARChI Grants)
    Telephone: (012) 481-4063

    Established Researchers
    Ms Motsakwe Rakgoale

    Telephone: (012) 481 4297

    Emerging Researchers
    Ms Nozine Nqeketo

    Telephone: (012) 481-4184

    Emerging Researchers
    Mrs Sushie Pillay

    Telephone: (012) 481-4178

    Emerging Researchers
    Ms Zodwa Mahlangu

    Telephone: (012) 481-4114

    Emerging Researchers
    Mrs Melissa Govender

    Telephone: (012) 481-4311

    Emerging Researchers
    Mrs Thandeka Mthethwa

    Telephone: (012) 481-4163