iLABS/RFQ 2024/25:47

iLABS/RFQ 2024/25:47
Request for Quotation Number: iLABS/RFQ 2024/25:47
Date Issued: 5 June 2024
Description of Services/ Goods: Supply and delivery of Autoclavable PP bags over a period of 2 years to iThemba LABS, Faure Western Cape.

Full Specification on page 4

Closing Date and Time: 13 June 2024, 11:00am
Delivery Address: iThemba LABS, ATT: SCM Department, Old Faure Road, Faure, 7131
Submit RFQ to: (quote must be submitted via email only)
Date Goods or Service Required: As and when required
For More Information (Technical): Charisse Perrang
Tel: 021 843 1000
For More Information (Supply Chain Management): Odwa Mxenge
Tel: 021 843 1345

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