Manufacturing and deliver of ceramic beam-pipes for the South African Isotope Facility (saif) beamline at ithemba labs in faure, western cape, south africa.

Contract Number: NRF/iLABS 70MV/67/2020-21

Closing Date and Time: Tuesday, 24 August, 2021 – 11:00Successful Bidders: 

Name of Successful Bidder: NTG-NEUE Technologien GmbH &Co. Kg (Foreign owned company: HRA 11457)

Contract Value: R1 987 526.25 VAT exclusive, 25% for Customs Vat and duties for R496 881.56 and 15% contingency amount for R372 661.17. Total cost to NRF is R2 857 068.98 VAT inclusive

Contract Period: One Year

Contract Type: Variable price contract

Preferential Points: 0

Total Bid Points: 80 Contact Details: 

Name: Lucinda Gordon / Luyolo Sabsana

Telephone Number: 021 843 – 1000

Email Address: 

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