Manufacturing and delivery of the ferrite blocks to build sweeper magnets for the South African Isotope Facility (saif) at ithemba labs in Faure, Western cape, south africa

Contract Number: NRF/ILABS 70MV/05/2021-22

Closing Date and Time: Friday, 15 October, 2021 – 11:00

Successful Bidders: 

Name of Successful Bidder: NATIONAL MAGNETICS GROUP INC.(Company Registration Number: Foreign owned company: 2041626)

Contract Value: R1 663 869.52

Contract Period: One (1) YearContract

Type: VariablePreferential

Points: Zero – Foreign Supplier

Total Bid Points: 80

Contact Details: 

Contact Person:

Name: Luyolo Sabsana

Telephone Number: 021 843 – 1389

Email Address:

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