NRF/CORP ICT/29/2023-24

NRF/CORP ICT/29/2023-24
Bid Number: NRF/CORP ICT/29/2023-24
Bid Description: The National Research Foundation (NRF) seeks to appoint a qualified service provider to supply and configure 2 x 40 Gb/s throughput ML powered next generation firewall with redundant AC power and premium Partner enabled support for a 5-year term.
Closing Date & Closing Time: Date TBC,
11:00 am no late bids will be accepted
Electronic Bid Submission
Email Address
Size of the email (document): 20MB (see ANNEXURE A)
Bids Naming: Split documents into:
Technical Proposal
Pricing Schedule
Enquiries are directed in writing to: Supply Chain Management
Vuyelwa Vabaza
Technical Enquiries
Sharl van Zuydam
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