NRF/ SAAO/ITIS/03/2022/23

NRF/ SAAO/ITIS/03/2022/23
Bid Number: NRF/ SAAO/ITIS/03/2022/23
Bid Description: Supply, delivery and installation of new digital storage units inclusive of software licenses, support services,
training, data migration and warranty for a period of five years
Closing Date
& Time:
28 February 2023
Bids Received: 1. Altron        
2. Breakpoint        
3. Data Science        
4. Data Centrix        
5. Diopoint                
6. Logicals        
7. Simplified        
8. Sithabile       
Contact Person: Todani Mutobvu
SCM Manager
Tel: 021 460 9376
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