Bid Number: NRF/SAEON/EFTE/56/2023-24
Bid Description: Provision of six temperature-controlled air quality sampling containers for the housing of atmospheric measurement instrumentation and deployment to EFTEON field sites. Delivery of the containers can staggered annually over a 3-year period, with the first two containers in the first year.
Compulsory Briefing Session: (Link, Date & Time)
09 April 2024
Closing Date & Time: 26 April 2024, 11:00 AM
Electronic Bid Submission
Email Address
Electronic submission

2 electronic documents (1 x secured pdf for technical review and 1 x
password-protected pdf for pricing file).

The SOP for electronic submission and password protection is
attached as the appendix in the invitation (no need to resubmit the

Bids Naming: Split documents into:

1. Technical Proposal
2. Pricing Schedule

The bid reference must be used as a subject line when submitting

Enquiries are directed in writing to: Supply Chain Management
Nosipho Nyauza
Project Manager/Technical
Dr Warren Joubert

Full document below:

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