Bid Number: NRF/SAEON EFTEON/63/2023-24 
Bid Description: Supply and delivery of eddy covariance equipment for the measurement of the exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane, as well as components, spares and technical training and support for a period of five years to SAEON Node and Research Infrastructure offices.
Closing date and time: 30 April 2024 11:00AM
Electronic Bid Submission: Size of the email (document): 20MB MAX consisting of two pdfs per set labelled as below). Two sets/copies required per SBD1.
Email Address:
Bids Naming: Split each set into two pdf documents:

1. Technical offering
2. Pricing/quote – password protected

On the face of each document: the Bid Number and Bidder’s Name, Contact Name, email address is required, and envelope number

Enquiries are directed in writing to: Supply Chain Management
Nosipho Nyauza
Technical queries
Dr Kathleen Smart

Bid document below:

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