NRF/SAEON SAPR/72/2022-23

NRF/SAEON SAPR/72/2022-23
Bid Number: NRF/SAEON SAPR/72/2022-23
Bid Description: Appointment of a Service Provider to (a) supply, deliver and commission a Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer / Off-Axis-Integrated Cavity Output Spectrometer laser-based spectrometer, Vacuum Pumps and Counterflow drying systems
Closing Date & Time: 26 June 2023
11:00 AM
Compulsory Briefing Session: Date: 09 June 2023
Virtual session link: Link:
Electronic Bid Submission
Email Address:
Size of the email (document): 20MB (See Annexure A: Electronic Bid Submission – Guideline for Bidders)
The bid reference number must be used as the subject line when submitting.
1 x zip file containing two pdf documents. First containing all returns, contract and portfolio of evidence. Second containing the price off being tendered.
Bids Naming: Split documents into:
1. Technical Proposal with Bid Reference Number and Bidder Name
2. Pricing Schedule with Bid Reference Number and Bidder Name
Enquiries are directed in writing to: Supply Chain Management
Irene Moyo

Project Manager
Juliet Hermes
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