NRF/SAEON/ SAPRI/38/2023-24

NRF/SAEON/ SAPRI/38/2023-24
Bid Number: NRF/SAEON/ SAPRI/38/2023-24
Bid Description: The SAPRI is seeking bids for 2 (two) buoyancy gliders; i.e. acquisition of ocean variables from 1000 dbar to the surface after each dive. The data telemetry system to be used is Iridium. Glider maintenance and support will be undertaken within a separate contract to be set up once the buoyancy gliders have been procured
Company Name: Sea Technology Services (Pty) Ltd
Supplier CSD Number: MAAA0020879
BEE Level: Level 1
Contract Value: R13 532 646.04
Contract period: once off supply
Contact person: Nosipho Nyauza,
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