NRF/SCM G1/2024-25

NRF/SCM G1/2024-25
Bid Number: NRF/SCM G1/2024-25
Bid Description: Specifications Book-Length Introductory Guidelines.
Provision of guidelines totalling 999 pages
Closing date and time (as per NRF systems): 21st May 2024 at 11:00am.
Voluntary Briefing session (virtual): No briefing session scheduled. A briefing session may be arranged if requested upon good cause to which all potential bidders will be invited to attend.
Electronic Submission to:

Emailed PDF file name format is “Bid Number / Supplier Name” Refer Annexure A for guidance on electronic submissions.

Bidding procedure enquiries or enquiries on the proposed system may be directed in writing via: SCM
Vuyelwa Vabaza
Technical enquiries on the existing system may be directed in writing via: Specifications, Policies & Systems
Angelo Syce

Bid document below:

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