Phase 1 Launch of NRF Connect

It is with great pleasure that we wish to inform you that the NRF Connect platform is now live and available for the community to start responding to calls that have been published at While we know that change is never easy, we would like to assure you that we have a support team available to walk this journey with you and assist you with this change.

The new NRF Connect integrated Grants Management platform, connects external users with our internal Grants Management activities using smart workflows. The platform includes all Grants Management functions from call provisioning, applications, reviews, and awarding of grants, to post award management and tracking. We look forward to offering you, a seamless and interactive user experience.

Given the size of the NRF Connect platform, the approach is to roll out the various sub-modules in phases. Today we are rolling out the Call Provisioning sub-module in order to open Calls now. In the coming weeks, we will roll out the screening, reviews, and lastly the grant administration sub-modules. The institutional designated authorities and finance officers have been engaged and will continue to be kept abreast of training opportunities through the Office of the Executive Director for GMSA.  You will also receive support and training information through the same office to assist you in the change management process.

For any queries and assistance please contact the Support Desk staff as indicated below:

Name Telephone email
Cebsile Makhanya (012) 481-4050
Pinky Matjeka (012) 481-4072
Sibulele Sibulali (012) 481-4155

Alternatively, you can send an email to

GMSA Support Desk