Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Pilot Call for Full Proposals

This initiative is endorsed by the Global Research Council (GRC), given the collective agreement on the importance of sustainability for our collective future.

With this call the GRC is committed to taking concrete steps towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovative research and actions. The GRC is a virtual organisation comprised of science, research, and engineering funding agencies from around the world. It is dedicated to the promotion and sharing of data and best practices for high-quality collaboration among funding agencies worldwide. Further, the GRC is committed to providing an opportunity for countries large and small to work in concert across national borders. The GRC believes that cooperation and collaboration can enhance the quality of science, avoid unnecessary duplication, provide economies of scale, and address issues that can only be solved by working collectively and collaboratively.

This is a pilot call aiming to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, through the implementation of results from ongoing or recently finalised research and innovation projects to advance knowledge-based achievement of the SDGs, from local to regional scale. Projects will be funded through international consortia where researchers together with implementation partners and stakeholders collectively and collaboratively aim to improve research outcomes for impact. The research and outcomes of the projects funded should lead to impact on society and improve the livelihoods of people on the ground. The call is supported by 11 funding agencies spanning four continents.


If the timeframe set by the UN to achieve the SDGs by 2030 is to be realized, there will need to be unrivalled international collaboration within the political, scientific, and societal realms. A concerted effort internationally is needed to develop practical strategies and implementation plans, these then must be actioned at national, regional, and global scales. Implementation of initiatives to realise the SDGs requires governments and all other relevant stakeholders to understand and engage with the scientific realities that underpin the relationship between human activity and the natural world. Scientific expertise and innovation can and should be brought to bear to deliver practical and appropriate results required for the necessary transformations related to the achievement of the SDGs.
As a basis for this initiative to be successful, it is imperative that global perspectives are developed, and this can only be done through a collaborative partnership between stakeholders from both the Global north and Global south, within the context of the 11 countries funding this initiative.

Call for Full Proposals _ SDGs Pilot Call
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