The Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers' Grants in 2023

The Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers’ Grants in 2023

The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) are pleased to announce the provisional Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers grant awards for the 2023 academic year. The new Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers awards for applicants, who responded to the 2023 Call for applications, have been made according to the strategic objectives of the Funding Instrument and the available budget. The successful new Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers applicants are listed in Table 1.


  • If your name appears in the table that follows, you have been successful in receiving a provisional award for 2023.
  • The NRF will forward award letters to successful candidates in January/February 2023.
  • The NRF feedback on the review of applications will be forwarded to all unsuccessful applicants by the end of February 2023.
  • Once you have received the Conditions of Grant (CoG), please read through the written agreement carefully before accepting the award.
  • All signed and completed documentation must be submitted to the Research Office of your institution for uploading on the NRF system. Funds will only be released once the completed documentation has been received by the NRF.
  • All awards are made on a provisional basis and are subject to the awardee meeting all the eligibility criteria and conditions for acceptance of the award.
  • Please send all enquiries regarding the outcomes to the NRF via your Research Office.

Table 1. Successful applicants for the Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers awards for 2023

No. Title Full Name Institution
1 Dr Neil Jolly Agricultural Research Council (South Africa), Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
2 Prof Mahabubur Rahman Chowdhury Cape Peninsula University of Technology
3 Prof James Garraway Cape Peninsula University of Technology
4 Dr Pamela Welz Cape Peninsula University of Technology
5 Dr Saheed Sabiu Durban University of Technology
6 Prof Tukayi Kudanga Durban University of Technology
7 Dr Pete Jones iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences
8 Dr Abraham Prins Nelson Mandela University
9 Prof Carminita Frost Nelson Mandela University
10 Prof Rasheed Adeleke North-West University
11 Prof Adeyemi Oladapo Aremu North-West University
12 Prof Du Toit Loots North-West University
13 Mr Richard Haynes North-West University
14 Prof Du Toit Strauss North-West University
15 Prof Christo Venter North-West University
16 Prof Francois van der Westhuizen North-West University
17 Prof Mashazi Mashazi Rhodes University
18 Prof Makaiko Chithambo Rhodes University
19 Prof David Buckley South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO)
20 Dr Anthony Bernard South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB)
21 Prof Carmen Pheiffer South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
22 Prof Rabia Johnson South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
23 Dr Shimul Kumar Maharaj South African National Space Agency (SANSA)
24 Prof Michael Kosch South African National Space Agency (SANSA)
25 Prof Cletos Mapiye Stellenbosch University
26 Prof Anna-Maria Botha Stellenbosch University
27 Prof Leonard Barbour Stellenbosch University
28 Dr Katherine de Villiers Stellenbosch University
29 Prof André de Villiers Stellenbosch University
30 Prof Gareth Arnott Stellenbosch University
31 Prof Delia Haynes Stellenbosch University
32 Prof Cara Schwarz Stellenbosch University
33 Prof Jaap Hoffmann Stellenbosch University
34 Dr Jaco Versfeld Stellenbosch University
35 Dr Susanne Fietz Stellenbosch University
36 Prof Sian Hemmings Stellenbosch University
37 Prof Marlo Möller Stellenbosch University
38 Dr Sharain Suliman Stellenbosch University
39 Prof Kathryn Chu Stellenbosch University
40 Prof Hans Strijdom Stellenbosch University
41 Dr Susana Clusella-Trullas Stellenbosch University
42 Prof Carine Smith Stellenbosch University
43 Prof Sophie von der Heyden Stellenbosch University
44 Prof Benoit Divol Stellenbosch University
45 Dr David van Niekerk Stellenbosch University
46 Prof Marinda Viljoen-Bloom Stellenbosch University
47 Prof Johann Rohwer Stellenbosch University
48 Prof Karl-Heinz Storbeck Stellenbosch University
49 Prof Christo Boshoff Stellenbosch University
50 Prof John Akudugu Stellenbosch University
51 Prof Shengzhi Du Tshwane University of Technology
52 Dr Mohamed Suhail Rafudeen University of Cape Town
53 Dr Clive Oliver University of Cape Town
54 Prof Judith McKenzie University of Cape Town
55 Prof Nico Fischer University of Cape Town
56 Prof Paul Barendse University of Cape Town
57 Prof Alison Emslie Lewis University of Cape Town
58 Prof Abimbola Windapo University of Cape Town
59 Prof Deena Pillay University of Cape Town
60 Prof SHARON PRINCE University of Cape Town
61 Prof Liesl Joanna Zühlke University of Cape Town
62 Dr Ramona Hurdayal University of Cape Town
63 Prof Suraj Parihar University of Cape Town
64 Prof Leslie London University of Cape Town
65 Prof Thomas Franz University of Cape Town
66 Prof Igor Barashenkov University of Cape Town
67 Prof Deshendran Moodley University of Cape Town
68 Dr Ann Meyers University of Cape Town
69 Prof Adam West University of Cape Town
70 Dr Robert Ingle University of Cape Town
71 Dr Lucia Marchetti University of Cape Town
72 Prof Colin Tredoux University of Cape Town
73 Prof Mohamed Adhikari University of Cape Town
74 Dr Patrick Mukumba University of Fort Hare
75 Dr Yeshona Sukai University of Fort Hare
76 Prof Kriveshini Pillay University of Johannesburg
77 Prof Caliphs Zvinowanda University of Johannesburg
78 Prof Kapil Moothi University of Johannesburg
79 Prof Caleb Narasigadu University of Johannesburg
80 Prof Innocent Musonda University of Johannesburg
81 Prof Nisha Naicker University of Johannesburg
82 Prof Kowiyou Yessoufou University of Johannesburg
83 Prof Annemariè   Avenant-Oldewage University of Johannesburg
84 Prof Abidemi Paul Kappo University of Johannesburg
85 Prof Aletta Prinsloo University of Johannesburg
86 Prof Hartmut Winkler University of Johannesburg
87 Prof Alan Cornell University of Johannesburg
88 Prof Fritz Nganje University of Johannesburg
89 Prof Stephen Ojwach University of KwaZulu-Natal
90 Prof Yin-Zhe Ma University of KwaZulu-Natal
91 Prof Sandile Phinda Songca University of KwaZulu-Natal
92 Dr Precious Mahlambi University of KwaZulu-Natal
93 Prof Bernard Owaga University of KwaZulu-Natal
94 Prof David Lokhat University of KwaZulu-Natal
95 Prof Lelika Lazarus University of KwaZulu-Natal
96 Prof Rajen Naidoo University of KwaZulu-Natal
97 Prof Hafizah Chenia University of KwaZulu-Natal
98 Prof Parvesh Singh University of KwaZulu-Natal
99 Prof Kavilan Moodley University of KwaZulu-Natal
100 Prof Johannes Maree University of Limpopo
101 Prof Tarombera Mwabvu University of Mpumalanga
102 Prof Abubeker Hassen University of Pretoria
103 Prof Marile Landman University of Pretoria
104 Prof Evans Chirwa University of Pretoria
105 Prof Tahir Pillay University of Pretoria
106 Dr Claire Anderson University of Pretoria
107 Prof Andriette Bekker University of Pretoria
108 Prof Cobus Meyer Visagie University of Pretoria
109 Prof Christian Pirk University of Pretoria
110 Prof Eshchar Mizrachi University of Pretoria
111 Prof Lyndy McGaw University of Pretoria
112 Prof Fourie Joubert University of Pretoria
113 Prof Thulani Hlatshwayo University of Pretoria
114 Dr Alexander Antonites University of Pretoria
115 Prof Melanie Rademeyer University of Pretoria
116 Prof Malose Jack Mphahlele University of South Africa
117 Prof Awelani V Mudau University of South Africa
118 Dr Ensa Johnson University of South Africa
119 Prof John Andrew Van der Poll     University of South Africa
120 Prof Memory Tekere University of South Africa
121 Prof Marilyn Naidoo University of South Africa
122 Prof Patrick Ngulube University of South Africa
123 Prof JOHANNES SEROTO University of South Africa
124 Prof Mogamat Noor Davids University of South Africa
125 Dr Adolph Anga Muleja University of the Free State
126 Mr Deon Visser University of the Free State
127 Prof Carolina Pohl-Albertyn University of the Free State
128 Prof Luzelle Naude University of the Free State
129 Prof Josef de Beer University of the Western Cape
130 Dr Jean Frederic Isingizwe Nturambirwe University of the Western Cape
131 Prof Martin Onani University of the Western Cape
132 Prof Mattia Vaccari University of the Western Cape
133 Prof Catherina Schenck University of the Western Cape
134 Prof Tertius Abraham Kohn University of the Western Cape
135 Prof Stephen Boatwright University of the Western Cape
136 Dr Emmanuel Mushayikwa University of the Witwatersrand
137 Prof Elizabeth Mavhunga University of the Witwatersrand
138 Prof Elaosi Vhurumuku University of the Witwatersrand
139 Prof Olutayo Oyerinde University of the Witwatersrand
140 Prof Yasien Sayed University of the Witwatersrand
141 Prof Benita Olivier University of the Witwatersrand
142 Prof Neville Pillay University of the Witwatersrand
143 Prof Sylvia Fanucchi University of the Witwatersrand
144 Dr Shune Oliver University of the Witwatersrand
145 Prof Lizette Koekemoer University of the Witwatersrand
146 Dr Abhishek Pandey University of the Witwatersrand
147 Prof Helena Van Aswegen University of the Witwatersrand
148 Prof Yuliya Zelenyuk University of the Witwatersrand

We congratulate all the 2023 awardees

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