2023 iThemba Labs Physics Summer School Call for Applications

Call Background: The National Research Foundation (NRF) will be hosting the Physics Summer School in January 2023 at its iThemba LABS National Facility. The Summer School is intended for students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate training in nuclear sciences. The students will obtain introductory theory lectures on instrumentation and hands-on experience on the equipment available at iThemba LABS. The Summer School will comprise of a three-week training program. The training offered at the Summer School is aligned with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) research areas and researchers from the JINR will also deliver lectures at the Summer School. The students will receive exposure to techniques and methodologies that will equip them to participate in the SA-JINR student practice. The primary focus of the Summer School will be on lectures as well as hands-on training in nuclear related applications and instrumentation techniques to equip the participants  with the necessary skills for attending JINR student practice.
Closing Date: 19 September 2022
Target Group for the Summer School: The Summer School is intended for all students who intend to register in 2023 at a South African Higher Education Institution for one of the following postgraduate degrees:

Masters; or
Doctoral degree.

Eligibility: No full-time researcher, who is registered for a part-time postgraduate degree, namely honours, masters or doctoral degree, is eligible to apply.
Submissions: Completed application forms, with the mandatory attachments, must be sent via email to Ms Mpai Motsei and Ms Sphumelele Duma at the email addresses indicated below, by 19 September 2022:
Contact Details: Ms Mpai Motsei
Professional Officer: GMSA
e-mail: ML.Motsei@risa.nrf.ac.za
Telephone:  (012) 481 4078

Ms Sphumelele Duma
Professional Officer: HICD
e-mail: ST.Duma@risa.nrf.ac.za
Telephone:  (012) 481 4051

NB: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Call Documents below:


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