Announcement of successful applications for Thuthuka grants 2023

Announcement of successful applications for Thuthuka grants 2023

The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) are pleased to announce the provisional Thuthuka grant awards for the 2023 academic year. The new Thuthuka awards for applicants, who responded to the 2023 Call for applications, have been made according to the strategic objectives of the Thuthuka Funding Instrument and the available budget. The successful new Thuthuka applicants are listed in Table 1.


  • If your name appears in the table that follows, you have been successful in receiving a provisional award for 2023.
  • The NRF will forward award letters to successful candidates in January/February 2023.
  • The NRF feedback on the review of applications will be forwarded to all unsuccessful applicants by the end of February 2023.
  • Once you have received the Conditions of Grant (CoG), please read through the written agreement carefully before accepting the award.
  • All signed and completed documentation must be submitted to the Research Office of your institution for uploading on the NRF system. Funds will only be released once the completed documentation has been received by the NRF.
  • All awards are made on a provisional basis and are subject to the awardee meeting all the eligibility criteria and conditions for acceptance of the award.
  • Please send all enquiries regarding the outcomes to the NRF via your Research Office.

Table 1. Successful applicants for NEW Thuthuka awards for 2023

No. Application Reference Title Initials Surname Applicants’s Institution
1 TTK2204203966 Dr FV Fhulufhelo Agricultural Research Council – Animal Production Institute
2 TTK220323512 Dr M Havenga Agricultural Research Council – Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
3 TTK2204193708 Dr E Hajari Agricultural Research Council – Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops
4 TTK2204204001 Dr SSC Henning Cape Peninsula University of Technology
5 TTK2204193726 Miss N Mfeka Cape Peninsula University of Technology
6 TTK2204295318 Dr V.V Mshayisa Cape Peninsula University of Technology
7 TTK2204112994 Dr MV Nomnqa Cape Peninsula University of Technology
8 TTK2205035781 Dr A.O. Obilana Cape Peninsula University of Technology
9 TTK2204264865 Dr T.P. Gumede Central University of Technology  Free State
10 TTK22052514573 Mr PL Van Der Linde Central University of Technology  Free State
11 TTK2204082641 Dr GF Mzobe Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA)
12 TTK2204305481 Dr ML Raganya Council for Scientific and Industrial Research  South Africa
13 TTK22051611123 Dr LT Bell CSIR – National Laser Centre
14 TTK2204254733 Mr M Muthevhuli CSIR – NextGen Health
15 TTK2205098143 Miss PZ Nxumalo CSIR – NextGen Health
16 TTK22052614884 Miss M U Makgobole Durban University of Technology
17 TTK2204203954 Dr L. J. Zogli Durban University of Technology
18 TTK2204112993 Mrs NMD Nhleko Iziko Museums of South Africa
19 TTK2204041838 Mrs TP Makhathini Mangosuthu University of Technology
20 TTK2205108476 Dr A Coetzee Nelson Mandela University
21 TTK2204102921 Dr MM Ramantswana Nelson Mandela University
22 TTK2204052179 Ms D.L Sepato Nelson Mandela University
23 TTK2204224238 Dr S du Preez North-West University
24 TTK2203301198 Dr M Kramer North-West University
25 TTK2204113056 Mr SC Mahlaba North-West University
26 TTK2203301235 Dr C Mayombe North-West University
27 TTK2204203990 Dr W Pheiffer North-West University
28 TTK2204011592 Dr NJ Sithole North-West University
29 TTK2204183656 Dr PJ Steyn North-West University
30 TTK2205056796 Dr IS Tenza North-West University
31 TTK22031652 Dr ME Williams North-West University
32 TTK2204133273 Dr GG Darong Rhodes University
33 TTK2204254699 Ms T Nqowana Rhodes University
34 TTK2204163593 Dr SD Oloniiju Rhodes University
35 TTK220318196 Dr N.H Sibiya Rhodes University
36 TTK2203311380 Ms MO Kgasha Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
37 TTK2204011616 Dr J Lebepe Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
38 TTK2204082679 Dr M.P Maepa Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
39 TTK2205056950 Miss MR Mhlongo Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
40 TTK22051610955 Prof H Motswaledi Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
41 TTK2203311482 Dr VS Thibane Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
42 TTK220325752 Dr BA Witika Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
43 TTK22052514472 Dr E Nicol South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
44 TTK22051410628 Dr O Patel South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
45 TTK2204041858 Dr L Pypers South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
46 TTK2204082827 Dr S Riedel-van Heerden South African Medical Research Council (MRC)
47 TTK2204072545 Dr TM Matamba South African National Space Agency (SANSA)
48 TTK2204041927 Dr M Blignaut Stellenbosch University
49 TTK220322383 Mrs A de Beer Stellenbosch University
50 TTK2204244527 Ms TS Dhlamini Stellenbosch University
51 TTK220323544 Dr ES Goosen Stellenbosch University
52 TTK220324623 Mrs P.H. Irusen Stellenbosch University
53 TTK2204052041 Ms N Kitchin Stellenbosch University
54 TTK220317153 Mr Z Mapholi Stellenbosch University
55 TTK2204052094 Dr NP Peer Stellenbosch University
56 TTK2204274987 Dr TA Adegbola Tshwane University of Technology
57 TTK22052013206 Mr KG Brand Tshwane University of Technology
58 TTK2204295276 Dr AE Manicum Tshwane University of Technology
59 TTK2204051970 Dr MV maphoru Tshwane University of Technology
60 TTK2204133271 Dr TJ Mpofu Tshwane University of Technology
61 TTK2204285197 Miss N Sithole Tshwane University of Technology
62 TTK2204072444 Dr CSA Alphonsus University of Cape Town
63 TTK220318239 Ms CH Bonaconsa University of Cape Town
64 TTK2204153549 Dr SFD Douman University of Cape Town
65 TTK22052013122 Mrs JF Felicity University of Cape Town
66 TTK2204203939 Miss JS Luckrajh University of Cape Town
67 TTK2204113028 Dr HP Madlala University of Cape Town
68 TTK2205087830 Dr IJ Molefe University of Cape Town
69 TTK2204041915 Dr TM Nyathi University of Cape Town
70 TTK220328993 Dr LL October University of Cape Town
71 TTK2203311489 Dr RG Rakotonirainy University of Cape Town
72 TTK2205036071 Ms MN Khasu University of Johannesburg
73 TTK2205035996 Dr AM Crous University of Johannesburg
74 TTK2205035757 Mrs TMD Fasemore University of Johannesburg
75 TTK2204193792 Dr S Haffejee University of Johannesburg
76 TTK2204274979 Dr BM Kanyane University of Johannesburg
77 TTK2203301181 Dr PR Khangale University of Johannesburg
78 TTK2204102958 Dr PP Komane University of Johannesburg
79 TTK220318198 Mr TC Lebepe University of Johannesburg
80 TTK2204224344 Dr MM Mabuza University of Johannesburg
81 TTK2204285229 Dr TA Makhetha University of Johannesburg
82 TTK220323596 Dr TND Mathaba University of Johannesburg
83 TTK220318197 Mr T Moodley University of Johannesburg
84 TTK220328992 Mrs N Seedat University of Johannesburg
85 TTK2205067264 Dr N.T Sithole University of Johannesburg
86 TTK220323545 Dr F I Aneke University of KwaZulu-Natal
87 TTK2204113041 Dr NN Buthelezi-Dube University of KwaZulu-Natal
88 TTK2204092902 Dr RGG Govender University of KwaZulu-Natal
89 TTK2204254767 Dr MN Hlongwa University of KwaZulu-Natal
90 TTK2203301162 Dr M Kraai University of KwaZulu-Natal
91 TTK2204062269 Dr M Luvuno University of KwaZulu-Natal
92 TTK2204082789 Dr MR Mahlomaholo University of KwaZulu-Natal
93 TTK2204123192 Miss Y Mdleleni University of KwaZulu-Natal
94 TTK2204011605 Miss PCZ Mkhize University of KwaZulu-Natal
95 TTK2205119578 Miss R.P Molatlhegi University of KwaZulu-Natal
96 TTK2204082660 Mr LL Monareng University of KwaZulu-Natal
97 TTK2204183671 Dr CB Mpungose University of KwaZulu-Natal
98 TTK2205098217 Dr ZNP Msibi University of KwaZulu-Natal
99 TTK2204123222 Dr Z. Ncoyini-Manciya University of KwaZulu-Natal
100 TTK2204011547 Dr TR Papo University of KwaZulu-Natal
101 TTK2205108979 Dr Z.T. Rani Kamwendo University of KwaZulu-Natal
102 TTK2204052012 Dr D Tembe University of KwaZulu-Natal
103 TTK2204082779 Dr LV Tibane University of KwaZulu-Natal
104 TTK2204193751 Dr RT Akanbi University of Limpopo
105 TTK2204031728 Dr ST Hadebe University of Limpopo
106 TTK2204082828 Dr S Hanser University of Limpopo
107 TTK220323583 Dr PM Kgopa University of Limpopo
108 TTK2204021699 Dr MH Lefophane University of Limpopo
109 TTK2203311375 Dr LE Macevele University of Limpopo
110 TTK2204082807 Dr TG Manyelo University of Limpopo
111 TTK2204264960 Ms TC Maponya University of Limpopo
112 TTK2204133381 Dr R Mhlaba University of Limpopo
113 TTK2205098196 Dr PM Shumbula University of Limpopo
114 TTK2204051996 Dr BD Bock University of Pretoria
115 TTK220324671 Dr MW Gamede University of Pretoria
116 TTK2204123169 Dr YN Hlophe University of Pretoria
117 TTK2204275033 Dr MNS Janse van Rensburg University of Pretoria
118 TTK2204214065 Ms S Marais University of Pretoria
119 TTK2204113059 Dr RMM Marima University of Pretoria
120 TTK2204062258 Mr M.R Matemane University of Pretoria
121 TTK2204123158 Dr SZ Mbatha University of Pretoria
122 TTK2204082725 Dr TV Mhlanga University of Pretoria
123 TTK2204052164 Dr SA Nsibande University of Pretoria
124 TTK2204062305 Dr DL Nsibo University of Pretoria
125 TTK2204113083 Dr M.D. Oyomno University of Pretoria
126 TTK2204051971 Dr NA Sewry University of Pretoria
127 TTK2204072413 Dr MA Strydom University of Pretoria
128 TTK2204133314 Dr V Swart University of Pretoria
129 TTK2203291110 Dr CM Worsley University of Pretoria
130 TTK2204092861 Dr XG Fuku University of South Africa
131 TTK2204011565 Mr ST Malindisa University of South Africa
132 TTK22031663 Dr HW Mbhiza University of South Africa
133 TTK2204041766 Dr KC Mohale University of South Africa
134 TTK2204031735 Dr N Nkobole University of South Africa
135 TTK220328902 Dr SA Sooklal University of South Africa
136 TTK2204193773 Dr OT Alexander University of the Free State
137 TTK220323450 Dr LA Coetzee University of the Free State
138 TTK2203301213 Dr M Dunn University of the Free State
139 TTK2203311345 Dr L Hugo University of the Free State
140 TTK2204193769 Mrs GC Josling University of the Free State
141 TTK220323452 Miss PK Letebele University of the Free State
142 TTK2204102938 Dr MSM Mafa University of the Free State
143 TTK220325835 Prof FA Maré University of the Free State
144 TTK2204143470 Dr WF Mkwananzi University of the Free State
145 TTK22031659 Dr NI Nyembe University of the Free State
146 TTK220324690 Dr PC Tharaga University of the Free State
147 TTK2204123197 Dr T Adonis University of the Western Cape
148 TTK220324684 Mrs RC Eager University of the Western Cape
149 TTK2204041800 Dr C Franke University of the Western Cape
150 TTK2204143416 Dr E Munnik University of the Western Cape
151 TTK2204062362 Dr K Pokpas University of the Western Cape
152 TTK2204183660 Dr R Ajoodha University of the Witwatersrand
153 TTK220325766 Dr N Bacci University of the Witwatersrand
154 TTK220325785 Dr S Baijnath University of the Witwatersrand
155 TTK2204052178 Dr S Bala University of the Witwatersrand
156 TTK220324742 Dr MO Bodunrin University of the Witwatersrand
157 TTK2204203906 Mrs M Botha University of the Witwatersrand
158 TTK2204143410 Prof D Brits University of the Witwatersrand
159 TTK2205129977 Mr WC Chen University of the Witwatersrand
160 TTK2204173597 Dr V Chibabhai University of the Witwatersrand
161 TTK2204011621 Dr MA Cox University of the Witwatersrand
162 TTK220322347 Dr JG Davimes University of the Witwatersrand
163 TTK220318212 Dr CA Duncan University of the Witwatersrand
164 TTK2204214064 Miss AE Gilbert University of the Witwatersrand
165 TTK22051611017 Dr SH Kunene University of the Witwatersrand
166 TTK2204173605 Dr N Madlakana University of the Witwatersrand
167 TTK2204112987 Ms ML McCabe University of the Witwatersrand
168 TTK220328907 Dr K Mnika University of the Witwatersrand
169 TTK2204214124 Dr F Mohamed University of the Witwatersrand
170 TTK2204102940 Dr N.Z. Mtshali University of the Witwatersrand
171 TTK2204123173 Dr T.G Ngcungcu University of the Witwatersrand
172 TTK2204254645 Dr K Pather University of the Witwatersrand
173 TTK2204204011 Dr D Rafaely University of the Witwatersrand
174 TTK2204062353 Mrs B Rossouw University of the Witwatersrand
175 TTK220320301 Dr s Tootla University of the Witwatersrand
176 TTK2204203910 Dr J Van der Linde University of the Witwatersrand
177 TTK2204072560 Dr MV Bvumbi University of Venda
178 TTK2205087912 Dr R Mudzielwana University of Venda
179 TTK22052313694 Dr B Nethathe University of Venda
180 TTK220323432 Dr CK Motsetse Vaal University of Technology
181 TTK2204264893 Dr KNG Mtshatsheni Vaal University of Technology
182 TTK22051410716 Prof T Xaba Vaal University of Technology
183 TTK22052514504 Prof JO Akande Walter Sisulu University
184 TTK2204244557 Dr PS Mafunda Walter Sisulu University

We congratulate all the 2023 awardees

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