NRF participates in global review of sex, gender, and diversity analysis

NRF participates in global review of sex, gender, and diversity analysis

During 2020/2021 the NRF participated in a Global Review of Sex, Gender, and/or Diversity Analysis (SG&DA) in Research Policies of Major Public Granting Agencies, a research project led by Dr Lilian Hunt (Wellcome Trust), Prof Mathias Wullum Nielsen (University of Copenhagen) and Prof Londa Schiebinger (Stanford University).

The research aimed at understanding the ways that public funding agencies were integrating sex, gender, and diversity analysis in the design of research, the research management process, and the post-awarding phase. The SG&DA research team provided valuable insights and feedback as part of NRF’s engagement in the research project.

An article recently published in Science, A framework for sex, gender, and diversity analysis in research proposes an analytical framework for implementing sex, gender, and diversity analysis policies at funding agencies, informed by the research.

This work forms part of the NRF’s endeavour to advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in the research enterprise though its research and funding instruments. Currently, a document is being developed as a supplement to the Transformation Framework. It focuses on interventions to advance diverse representation and full participation in the South African research enterprise and support transformative research. The NRF has consulted widely, including its international partners, to benchmark and explore how other funding agencies are advancing EDI within their science systems.

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Genevieve Simpson, Acting Executive Director: Planning and Development


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