Bid Number: NRF/SAIAB/61/2023-24
Bid Description: Supply, development and maintenance of specialized underwater coastal and deep-water research electronic equipment and ancillary products for a period of (5) five years.
Closing Date: Friday, 5 April 2024
Closing Time: 11:00 AM
Bid Submission: Electronic submissions must be sent to
Bids must be submitted in two separate electronic folders, one with the
compliance and technical response, and the second with the financial

The financial response must be password protected. Folders must be titled
with the bidder’s company name and folder title. Attachments are limited to 25
MB per email, see annexure 1 for electronic submissions.
Bidders are to send an email to post submission with the
password to their financial envelope.

Direct enquiries in writing to: Supply Chain Management
Angela Buthelezi
Technical Queries
Anthony Bernard

Full document below:

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