NRF Youth Month 2024: Kahlolo Kgasago

NRF Youth Month 2024: Kahlolo Kgasago

This year’s Youth Month is significant as the NRF celebrates 25 Years of Research, Innovation, Impact and Partnerships. These are the stories of the youth who have not only been impacted by the NRF but who also have an impact in their own spaces – and beyond! We thank all participants for sharing their stories with us.

Mr Kahlolo Kgasago is a second-year Master’s student in Molecular Biochemistry at North-West University. He has received funding from the NRF for his Honours and Master’s studies.

Diabetes is the second-most common natural cause of death in South Africa, and approximately 4.6 million people live with the condition. Hence, Kahlolo’s research focuses on improving our understanding of how the metabolism functions during diabetes and obesity.

Watch his story below!

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