NRF's Engagement at the Belmont Forum Plenary and Future Earth General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland

NRF’s Engagement at the Belmont Forum Plenary and Future Earth General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland

The National Research Foundation (NRF) actively participated in two significant events in Helsinki, Finland, as part of the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress activities. The NRF, represented by Dr Prudence Makhura (Senior Manager) and Michael Nxumalo (Manager), played a crucial role at the Belmont Forum Plenary, held 10-11 June 2024, and the Future Earth General Assembly that was held 12-13 June 2024, as detailed below.

The Belmont Forum Plenary gathered 200 funders and partners to work collaboratively on Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs). The overarching goals of this gathering were to advance ongoing projects, discuss strategic directions, and plan future activities. During this event, the NRF presented progress updates on the Africa Regional Call Collaborative Research Action (CRA), which was recently launched at the SRI2024 Africa Satellite Event on 24 May 2024.

Subsequently, the NRF also participated in the Future Earth General Assembly (GA) which aimed to unite more than 100 individuals from the Future Earth community, both physically and virtually, to engage in inclusive and transparent dialogues about the challenges and opportunities in transdisciplinary research for sustainability and resilience.

Notably, the central focus of the GA was to underscore the significance of science and highlight the pivotal role of Global Research Networks, National and Local Committees, and regional entities. Participants worked together to chart a transdisciplinary research agenda that addresses critical global issues. The assembly’s structure was designed to foster collaboration and synergy among the diverse networks present.

Furthermore, discussions at the Future Earth General Assembly delved into shaping the strategic direction that Future Earth should pursue in the years following the 2025 vision. This forward-looking approach aimed to outline a roadmap for the organisation to navigate the evolving landscape of global sustainability research effectively.

The NRF’s active engagement at these two prestigious events underscores its commitment to driving sustainable research and innovation efforts on both regional and global scales. By participating in forums like the Belmont Forum Plenary and the Future Earth General Assembly, the NRF contributes to shaping the research agenda, fostering collaborations, and addressing pressing global challenges through transdisciplinary initiatives.

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