Profile Invitation for NRF Youth Month 2021

Profile Invitation for NRF Youth Month 2021

Throughout history, young people have, and continue, to influence change and make important contributions to the lives of others.

As a premier science organisation, the NRF will be using the month of June to shine the spotlight on the young people who give us great hope for the future of research in South Africa through the innovative and impactful work that they do.

If you’re 35 or younger and are currently funded (or have been funded in the past) by the NRF, we want to hear about your journey from being a young dreamer to an achiever. Have you been involved any COVID-19 related work or research? It’s been a particularly challenging year for us and we would love to hear about how young people, in particular, played a role during these unprecedented times.

Over and above this – we are looking to share stories about how the youth of the NRF is Advancing Knowledge, Transforming Lives and Inspiring a Nation.

Remember, every story is different, and so is the meaning of achievement; to some, it’s graduating at the top of the class, to some its mentoring the young girl or boy in our community or successfully publishing research that challenges perspective and makes a contribution to the STEM industry.

Your story is not just for us to give you kudos, most importantly, we hope your story will inspire and rekindle a fighting spirit in those who have forgotten the power of one’s ability to positively impact the world through seemingly small deeds.

On the right-hand side of this page is a questionnaire in Word format. Please download it and complete the fifteen questions. Send your completed questionnaire, along with one or two high-quality photos of yourself, to Ms Thalia Brussow at

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 30 May 2021, at 23:00.

Selected stories will be published on the NRF’s website and social media platforms. Submitted stories can also be used for other NRF celebrations such as, for example, Women’s Month.

Please Note: In our mission to showcase as many individual stories, we will have to kindly ask you not to participate if you have already participated in the NRF 2020 Youth Month campaign.

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